Easy Appointment

Easy Appointments

iDecide offer making of appointments from anywhere. Appointments can be made from overseas for relatives back in India. Appointments work based on the subscription and the account balance. Account can be recharged through wallet and on line (Through Payment Gateway). Thus the appointment making and payment for appointments and the payment of bills for various services are made easy through this application. Appointments can be made after a search of providers including doctor search has options like search based on cost, behavior treatment. It is also possible to view the patients with similar conditions through search and can have a discussion with them before choosing a provider. The ratings also help the patients to access the most appropriate provider. There are three kinds of appointment; i) Phone ii) On Line iii) Face to face There are various categories of appointments including normal and emergency and the rates can be compared between various providers.

Second opinion made Easy

Second opinio0n can be accessed from a doctor chosen from the data base. The clinical information can be sent to the doctor for expert opinion and this is possible at a very nominal charges. Even doctors living abroad can be accessed for second opinion through idecide since the data base has doctors from all over the world.