Medical Records

Access medical records from anywhere

iDecide is an excellent platform to manage medical records. All your family's medical records and other important documents in one secure place; Get instant access to your medical records in the event of a medical emergency from anywhere in the world; Completely private and most secure; You control who has access to your clinical data base; permission are at the discretion of the owner, owner being the patients.

  1. Clinical Data history accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even on your mobile phone.
  2. All your private medical information is safe
  3. Data Sharing made easy - you can easily view and send your medical records to your doctor

A majority of the clinical records are ‘Disposable Records’ with maximum life of the disease event / purchase of medicines. Another majority of the clinical records and facility maintained and the records are with the providers like hospitals and health centers who provide care. These data are important but not accessible to the patients. This makes diagnostic process lengthy and difficult and the more expensive. I decide provide a solution through self owned and managed clinical records.

Managing everyday health anytime, anywhere

In order to improve patient care outcomes, better manage chronic and lifestyle diseases, enable self-care and help move patients from acute care facilities into their homes and request health care services at home, educating patients on disease and treatment thus engaging patients in their care process. iDecide offers all these to make patient care more patient centered to enhance the treatment outcome.

An easy way to share clinical data

Without quick, secure access to complete and reliable information, healthcare services can be inefficient, preventing patients from receiving the best care possible together with making health care very expensive. iDecide organize clinical data into digital form, aiming to bring together hospitals, clinics, community care centers, public health care authorities, as well as other healthcare professionals, to facilitate a comprehensive view of patient clinical history, regardless of location.