Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

iDecide remote Monitoring help in offsite interaction with patients. It Enable tracking of patients with severe chronic diseases or conditions that needs regular monitoring of blood pressure and other clinical values from the comfort of their homes. The data can be later shared electronically with their physicians and other healthcare providers and even to their children living abroad. Tracking the patients’ results on a regular basis, the healthcare team can adjust treatments as required and can ensure the cure process is in the right track. iDecide also provides guidance and education to patients in order to help them learn to live with their life-long conditions.

Monitoring of vital clinical data

The data base allows tracking of their vital clinical values of the patients by doctor and the relatives living far at a click. All the clinical uploading is notified to their home doctor and the guardian. Clinical movements will be tracked lifetime by home doctor as well as the guardian.

Post discharge follow up / notifications

Discharge from hospitals is usually a disconnecting from the care givers. The post care health condition is not usually followed up. The data base has a provision to track patients after discharge to have information about the health condition. More over post discharge follow up visits and events can be notified through SMS.